Sacred and Profane Love – Art Analysis

Sacred and Profane Love

Artist: Titian
Location: Galleria Borghese
Dimensions: 118 cm × 279 cm
Created: 1514
Genre: Portrait

Sacred and Profane Love
Sacred and Profane Love

Sacred and Profane Love is one of the masterpieces of the famous Renaissance artist Titian. This rectangular oil painting was painted to celebrate the marriage of Venetian Nicolò Aurelio and Laura Bagarotto in 1514. Titian was only 25 years old when he created this awesome painting.

This painting presents an image of two young women and a little baby. One of the women is dressed as the bride. Another woman is semi-nude. The baby is the symbol of the Cupid. There is a vase of jewels. That symbolizes the happiness of earth. The two women and the cupid is sitting over a sarcophagus(well designed and water-filled classical coffin) or a well or fountain. The Cupid is playing with the water. Though the two women are not looking at each other, their body is leaned to another. None of the three figures are looking to the viewer. So the viewer is forced to look around the painting freely. The title of this painting Sacred and Profane Love came from the interpretation of the painting in the 18th century. The nude figure, the Cupid and the bride express earthly and heavenly love. During that time Titian and other artist believed to express the beauty and divinity of the world and the creator.

This great painting is the symbol of the masterful talent of the Titian, one of the great Renaissance artists. In 1899, the Rothschilds family offered to buy this masterpiece at a better price than the estimated value. This painting is now resting at the Borghese Gallery.

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