Scene of Deluge, 1826 by Joseph Désiré Court

Scene of Deluge, 1826 by Joseph Désiré Court In Joseph Désiré Court’s painting, “Scene of Deluge,” the viewer is transported to a chaotic and terrifying moment in time. The dark and stormy sky overhead adds to the sense of impending doom, while the violent waves crash against the small boat in the foreground. The figures …

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Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio

Born: 29 September 1571, Milan, Dutch of Milan, Spanish Empire. Died: 18 July 1610 (aged 38), Porto Ercole, State of the Presidi, Spanish. Full Name: Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio. Periods: Baroque, Italian Baroque , Renaissance ,Baroque painting. Michelangelo Merisi (Michele Angelo Merigi or Amerighi) da Caravaggio is a famous Baroque artist. And he is also …

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Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoos are slightly different from other birds. They are known for their selfish nature. They don’t build their own nest. They lay eggs on other bird’s nest. Usually, the young cuckoos are raised by other birds. And when they grow bigger, they push other young birds from the nest. So they symbolize selfishness …

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Chameleon Chameleon Chameleon is a small and beautiful creature. But this amazing animal has many special powers and abilities to link itself with the many aspects of symbolism. Its ability to change color represents inconstancy, change, camouflage etc. It has another special ability to move its eyes independently. So this ability symbolize the divine power …

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