Owl The owl is a nocturnal bird. It’s also a hunting bird. It is a sacred bird in Greek mythology. Even there was some currency printed owl on it representing honor, intelligence and wealth. According to Egyptian, Hindu and some other cultures, the owl is a symbol of death and guardianship. The owl is also …

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Eagles Eagles are one of the most amazing species on earth. Eagle is a hunter bird and has strong eyes. They also have strong claws. They can also fly very fast. Eagles are the global symbol of power and royalty. They also represent the solar symbolism. Eagles symbolize nobility in Arabian culture. They also represent …

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Birds Birds are an amazing species on earth. Their flying abilities forced us to imagine them as a messenger of heaven and earth symbolically. Flying also represents the release of our souls from the body. Ancient Egyptians imagined many bird-headed deities. So birds also associated with the spiritual world. Birds also symbolize wisdom, talent, and …

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Pearl A pearl is a pale white or cream-colored had round object. Pearls are produced within the soft tissue of a living shell mollusk. Pearls are made of calcium carbonate formed around a grain of sand or something foreign. Pearls are considered as gemstones. Pearls are the symbol of purity, wisdom, royalty, charity, integrity, honesty …

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Bear Bear is a giant ferocious animal. There are several types of bear around the world. Bear is associated with medicine, healing, and wisdom in many ancient cultures. Bears also symbolize courage and strength. A common national personification for Russia is a Russian Bear. Bear

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