Copper Copper is a precious metal and a good conductor of electricity or energy. Copper represents Venus and feminine. Copper is associated with cult or magic in West Africa. It’s also a symbol of status. Copper also has some healing abilities according to ancient culture. Even nowadays people wear copper for protection and healing arthritis. …

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Amber Amber is actually the resin of trees got fossilized. Its precious for its beautiful natural color from ancient times. It’s more precious in the form of a gemstone. Amber is used as an element for perfumes. Wearing amber is imagined as armors for travelers. Its the symbol of divinity in Christianity and courage in …

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Bear Bear is a giant ferocious animal. There are several types of bear around the world. Bear is associated with medicine, healing, and wisdom in many ancient cultures. Bears also symbolize courage and strength. A common national personification for Russia is a Russian Bear. Bear


Crystal Crystals are the symbol of purity. It’s also an important material of magic. There are many myths about crystals like- crystal balls of crystal eye etc. Crystals are considered a healing and meditation tool for its ability to store and transmit energy. Crystal

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