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Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoos are slightly different from other birds. They are known for their selfish nature. They don’t build their own nest. They lay eggs on other bird’s nest. Usually, the young cuckoos are raised by other birds. And when… Continue Reading →


Pig Pig is a small mammal with short nose and tail. It’s actually considered as a filthy animal. Its a symbol of Mother Goddess according to Egyptian culture. Pig also symbolize fertility and prosperity. Pig is associated with Vajravarahi (mate… Continue Reading →


Rhinoceros The Rhinoceros is one of the giant animals of planet Earth. The name Rhinoceros came from two ancient Greek words. One is “Rhino” means nose and another is “ceros” means horn. Normally they are not that rude. But Rhinoceros… Continue Reading →


Hippopotamus The hippopotamus is a giant animal with a strong and big jaw. They are a very territorial animal. Though they are vegetarian, if some animal or human cause any threat to hippo, they will attack with their brute force…. Continue Reading →


Rabbit Rabbits are small mammals with 2 long pointy ears, 1 short tail, and 4 strong legs. They can run so fast. Rabbit is a symbol of the moon. It also symbolizes rebirth and fertility according to some ancient cultures…. Continue Reading →


Emerald This stone is significantly associated with Goddess Venus. Emerald symbolize spring, youth, fertility, and immortality. It also represents love and hope. The Emeralds were buried with the Mummies in the Egyptian culture to ensure their eternal youth. Its also… Continue Reading →


Moonstone Moonstone is like a pale white stone like the color of the moon. So from early years its been associated with the moon. Moonstone symbolizes fertility. The women of Arabic culture use these moonstones with their robes. Its also… Continue Reading →

The Moon

The Moon The Moon is always mysterious and interesting to mankind. We always imagined many interesting things about it. The illumination of the moon at the night sky represents the symbol of hope and enlightenment. Just like the sun this… Continue Reading →