Reptiles & Amphibians

Reptiles & Amphibians Crocodile Reptiles or amphibians are the oldest creatures of nature. Their ability to live in different natural conditions and adaption power make them more mysterious. Sometimes these ancient creatures are also threatening. From early periods, these creatures attracted the imagination of the humans. Reptiles are associated with Sun and Moon and Cosmos. …

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Hen Hen Hen is one of the most common birds we see every day on earth. They are significant for their mother nature. There is a term “mother hen”. Because a hen always protects her chicks. So hen is a symbol of Mother Nature and protection. They are also good teacher. They teach everything for …

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Copper Copper is a precious metal and a good conductor of electricity or energy. Copper represents Venus and feminine. Copper is associated with cult or magic in West Africa. Its also a symbol of status. Copper also has some healing abilities according to ancient culture. Even now a days people wear copper for protection and …

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Ivory Ivory is the hard material found from the teeth or horn of any animal. Its usually used for manufacturing or building  artifacts or show pieces. Ivory symbolize purity or innocence in some cultures. Ivory is hard precious matters. So it represents incorruptibility. According to Christianity, ivory is the symbol of Virgin Mary. Ivory