Wolf The wolfs are hunting animal. They have strong sense of  smell and they hunt in a group. The wolf was a symbol of maternal care in ancient Roman culture. They also represented courage, victory and guardianship. Now a days, wolves are the symbol of cunning, cruelty and greed. They also symbolize free will and …

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Kangaroo Kangaroos are large animal with 2 long rear legs and 2 short front legs. This mammal is a symbol of progress, energy and endurance. Cause Kangaroos can only move forward and this animal can keep moving for months without water. Kangaroos symbolize family ties in some culture. Kangaroos also symbolize ancestors in Australia. Kangaroo


Bat Bats are the only mammal on earth who can fly like birds. They have very sensitive ear. Some bats can’t see. And they use sound waves to locate the surroundings. There are 2 common types of Bat. Megabats and echolocating microbats. Bat is like a mixed creature of bird and rat. So bat is the …

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Agate Agate is one of the oldest gemstones found in the history. This stone symbolize longevity and courage. Agate has a myth that it can make the wearer invisible. Agate was also used to increase harvesting. Agate can give protection from bad dreams. It was used as a jewelry since the ancient Babylonian times. This precious …

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