Introduction to Signs & Symbols

Introduction to Signs & Symbols

Signs & Symbols

We, humans, are the best creature of nature. We always have questions about everything. How we born, how we die, who was the first human, what happens after death? Do we know what is the meaning of our life and the nature around us? Over thousands of years, we have created many signs and symbols to express our-self. We used these for both – questions & answers. Some of the signs & symbols are used for some very secrets aspects of life. Some are just for our everyday use.


As part of nature, we developed a collection of signs and symbols that express our life and universe. We all know many signs and symbols. But do we know about the differences between these?


A sign is straight and clear for its purpose. So the meaning of the sign is very clear and expressive. It may be an alphabet of a written or visual language. Or a road divider sign, or a company logo. In a short, signs gives us a simple meaning of something.


A symbol is an image or sketch that gives us an idea or a secret meaning for something. For example, both sun and a male can be represented by the symbol fire. Similarly, a spring flower means rebirth and new life.

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