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Mammals From ancient ages, the mammals served a huge source of symbolism. Many animals were symbolized as gods. They also represent luck and power and wisdom. Many mammals are linked with human characteristics. Some mammals were respected as a helpful… Continue Reading →


Gold We all know that gold is very precious. But is also a perfect metal. It’s a long lasting and malleable metal. Gold is also rust proof. Gold shines with its sun-like golden color that symbolizes the masculine Sun. Gold… Continue Reading →


Emerald This stone is significantly associated with Goddess Venus. Emerald symbolize spring, youth, fertility, and immortality. It also represents love and hope. The Emeralds were buried with the Mummies in the Egyptian culture to ensure their eternal youth. Its also… Continue Reading →


Sapphire Truth and peace are symbolized by the Sapphire. They have special significance in Hindu culture. Sapphires are also associated with self-control and the planet Saturn. Some thought that Sapphires are evil. Sapphire


Moonstone Moonstone is like a pale white stone like the color of the moon. So from early years its been associated with the moon. Moonstone symbolizes fertility. The women of Arabic culture use these moonstones with their robes. Its also… Continue Reading →


Diamond Diamond is the symbol of truth and purity. Its one of the most precious stones found on earth. Its shining links it to the sun. Diamond is used often for engagement rings. Its said that the diamond heals the… Continue Reading →


Jade This gemstone has special significance in Chinese mythology. Jade is the symbol of Heaven and purity. Jade also represents justice, courage and moral purity. Some cultures believe that Jade brings good luck. Jade  


Ruby The Ruby gemstone is the symbol of love, vitality, and courage. Astrologers linked Ruby with Saturn and Mars. These planets are the symbol of passions. Some wore Rubies for the myth that they become darken during danger. Ruby  


Topaz Topaz is a famous precious stone for its empathetic quality. Topaz symbolizes faithfulness, friendship, and forgiveness. This precious stone is also a symbol of love and affection. Moreover, some astrologer believed that Topaz heals exhaustion and stimulate appetite. On… Continue Reading →


Water Water is one of the basic element of life. It’s shape changes constantly. It can also be transformed into ice and vapor. It’s also one of the mysterious element on the universe. According to symbolism, water represents feminine. Its… Continue Reading →

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