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Fire Gods

Fire Gods Many early cultures linked fire with the gods. Cause we can find it from the sun or lightning. Also, the smokes caused by fire accelerates up to the sky. It’s reasonable that ancient societies believed in many gods… Continue Reading →

The Fire

The Fire Fire is the ultimate symbol of terror and destruction. Its also represents chaos and battle. Sun can also be symbolized by fire. Its linked with the color red. Fire symbolizes both rebirth and purification. The discovery of fire… Continue Reading →

The Planets

The Planets Earth Centered Solar System The ancient scientists and astronomers discovered that besides the Moon and Sun, there were five more tiny moving lights in the night sky. And those were only can be seen with the bare eye…. Continue Reading →

The Earth-Extended– Mother Earth

Mother Earth During ancient times the Earth was a symbol of the great Mother Goddess. She was a symbols of sustenance and nurturing. She was also the source of all life. According to many ancient cultures, the first humans were… Continue Reading →

The Moon Extended—Shapeshifters

Shapeshifters Many cultures believe that during full Moon some cursed people turn into some ferocious animals. These stories are linked with the Moon’s dark aspect symbolically. They also express the fear that humans animal instinct. Voluntary forms represent liberation and… Continue Reading →

Moon Goddesses

Moon Goddesses Some societies in African tribes and Oceania imagine that Moon is a fertilizing male god. But it’s usually regarded as a feminine. The Moon represents the Virgin Mary. It also represents the protective mother figures to fierce virgin… Continue Reading →

Milky Way

Milky Way Milky Way was called the Mixcoatyl(Cloud Serpent) by the Aztecs. Many ancient cultures symbolize the Milky Way with a road or river between the Earth and Heaven. But the American Indians thought that it was a road to… Continue Reading →

Star Gods

Star Gods The signs and symbols of heaven always represent the superiority and divine presence. The cultures of the ancient world believed that the stars have an effect on human life. There are many ancient stories of gods and goddesses… Continue Reading →

The Night Sky- Extended

Five Pointed Star Five Pointed Star The five-pointed star is commonly known as the pentagram. When the pentagram pointed upwards then it symbolizes aspiration, the spiritual world, and knowledge. Christians consider this as a symbols of Christ as Alpha and… Continue Reading →

The Earth

The Earth The Earth Earth is the 3rd planet of our Sun based solar system. Its a blue planet with 70% covered with water. It’s also green for the green forests. It has an area of 510 million squire kilometers…. Continue Reading →

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