Sacred and Profane Love – Art Analysis

Sacred and Profane Love Artist: TitianLocation: Galleria BorgheseDimensions: 118 cm × 279 cmCreated: 1514Genre: Portrait Sacred and Profane Love Sacred and Profane Love is one of the masterpiece of the famous Renaissance artist Titian. This rectangular oil painting was painted to celebrate the marriage of Venetian Nicolò Aurelio and Laura Bagarotto in 1514. Titian was only …

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The Last Supper – Art Analysis

The Last Supper Artist: Leonardo da VinciLocation: Santa Maria delle GrazieDimensions: 4.6 m x 8.8 mCreated: 1495–1498Subject: Jesus ChristGenre: Mural Painting The Last Supper The Last Supper by  Leonardo da Vinci is considered as the most famous religious art in history. Leonardo da Vinci was a mysterious man himself and all of his great creations …

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The Mona Lisa – Art Analysis

The Mona Lisa – Art Analysis Artist: Leonardo da VinciLocation: The Louvre (since 1797)Dimensions: 77 cm x 53 cmCreated: 1503–1517Subject: Lisa del GiocondoGenre: Portrait The Mona Lisa The Mona Lisa The Mona Lisa by the famous renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci is the most famous and recognized painting on the earth. Its famous for its …

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