Month September 2013

The Mona Lisa – Art Analysis

The Mona Lisa – Art Analysis Artist: Leonardo da Vinci Location: The Louvre (since 1797) Dimensions: 77 cm x 53 cm Created: 1503–1517 Subject: Lisa del Giocondo Genre: Portrait The Mona Lisa The Mona Lisa The Mona Lisa by the… Continue Reading →


Albatross Albatross is a large bird mostly found around the oceans. This bird can sometimes symbolize the ocean. A flying albatross means long ocean journey. They represent power and beauty. Some cultures describe this bird as unlucky. Some say they… Continue Reading →


Owl The owl is a nocturnal bird. It’s also a hunting bird. It is a sacred bird in Greek mythology. Even there was some currency printed owl on it representing honor, intelligence and wealth. According to Egyptian, Hindu and some… Continue Reading →


Eagles Eagles are one of the most amazing species on earth. Eagle is a hunter bird and has strong eyes. They also have strong claws. They can also fly very fast. Eagles are the global symbol of power and royalty…. Continue Reading →


Birds Birds are an amazing species on earth. Their flying abilities forced us to imagine them as a messenger of heaven and earth symbolically. Flying also represents the release of our souls from the body. Ancient Egyptians imagined many bird-headed… Continue Reading →


Cats The cat is usually a small domestic animal. It’s also very fond of ease animal, like other mammals of his species like tiger or jaguar. But back in the mythological history, the cat has a bigger role among the… Continue Reading →


Silver Silver is another precious matter after gold. Its linked with the moon for its silver color. So its also linked with the feminine. Silver also represents the moon goddesses. Silver also symbolizes purity, strength, clarity, and awareness. Silver is… Continue Reading →


Copper Copper is a precious metal and a good conductor of electricity or energy. Copper represents Venus and feminine. Copper is associated with cult or magic in West Africa. It’s also a symbol of status. Copper also has some healing… Continue Reading →


Lodestone Lodestone is a variety of magnetite. It has strong magnetic positive and negative polarity. For this reason, lodestone is the symbol of magic from ancient times. Lodestone has some myth that it can remove obstacles and can help to… Continue Reading →


Raphael Born: 1483, Urbino, Italy Died: April 6, 1520, Rome, Italy Full name: Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino Periods: Italian Renaissance, High Renaissance, Renaissance Raphael Raphael was a famous Italian High Renaissance painter, architect, and sculptor. Raphael was born on April… Continue Reading →

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