July 2013

The Seasons

The Seasons The Seasons are the symbol of creation, birth, death, growth and rebirth. Its also represent running time. Mankind always measured time with the help of sun and moon. So the changing position of sun and moon during different seasons have different effect on seasonal symbolism. Every season have its own symbolism. So each …

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Iris Iris is the goddess of rainbow. She is the messenger of the gods of Olympia. She is imagined as a girl with wings. Iris carries herald’s rod. Iris make rainbows, and rainbows are the gateway between heavens and earth. Iris


Mountains Mountains are up high to the heavens from earth. Mountains are often honored and feared. They are considered as sacred by all the ancient religions. Mountains are associated with prophets and gods. Mountains


Dragon Dragons symbolized the weather and rain according to the Chinese culture. They thought that, some of their worst flood hit them because they had upset a Dragon. In China, they believed that Dragons control the water. Again in the western culture, Dragons represents fire. Dragon

The Sun

The Sun The Sun The mostly used symbol that has been followed by almost all cultures of the Earth is the Sun. This symbols was worshiped as the supreme cosmic power. Its the life force that enable all things to live and grow. Its the supreme source of heat and energy. It also symbolize the …

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Sekhmet Sekhmet is one of the Egyptian fire goddesses. She is also associated with war and destruction. She is often portrayed as a woman with the head of a lion and holding a fire spiting cobra. Sekhmet destroyed enemies with fire arrows. Her body shined as midday Sun. Sekhmet

Rain and Snow

Rain and Snow All forms like rain, snow or dew  are associated with water symbolism. These also represent life and death. It can also symbolize destruction or regeneration. Rain symbolizes fertility and dew symbolizes blessing. Ice and snow represents impermanence and myth. Again Rainbows symbolize both sun and water. And for its higher presence, its …

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Indra Indra is the weather god of thunder found in Hindu religion. He also symbolize the rain, fertility and war. He is imagined seated in his heavenly court Svarga. Indra carries  a thunderbolt in his hand representing destruction, enlightenment and regeneration. Indra

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