Sunday, 14 September 2014


Magic Square
Magic Square

From ancient times many civilizations and cultures have tried to explain the past and predict the future with numerology. Numerology is actually the study or knowledge of the numbers and their power to affect our lives in various ways. Every number or different number system has certain
unique capability to explain some universal fundamental principles. Some numbers have very close relation to the actions of nature. That is why numbers or numerology have a great role in symbolism. In Chinese culture we can find Magic Square. Which also have connections with ancient Egyptian and Indian symbology. Some primitive societies like ancient Greeks, Babylonians or Jews developed the system of counting, adding or putting some digits together in a sequence to express something. But almost in every cultures or number systems, there is symbols expressing 0 to 9. Such as, we can express the year with 4 digits together. Like this year is 2014.

You will find the inner meanings and the creation history of every number and so more about the numerology in the following posts.......